A Spring of Creativity

Spring is such a beautiful season to experience nature bursting forth with life, energy, brilliant color and sound. As the wild birds sing their overtures of joy, the young minds of the world are also inspired by the vistas of green and bloom and liveliness. It truly is a magic time abound with creativity and an excellent opportunity to let children explore those artistic notions through craft projects. CM School Supply has an abundance of resources to turn one’s classroom and activities into a lovely vision of the Spring time.


A simple way to get started is with the Foamies Sticker Buckets containing backlight flowers. Cost effective and cheerful, these fun sticky foam flowers can be applied to paper projects or applied to windows as decoration.



What better way to introduce Spring than with the many bugs and insects that buzz around those blooming flowers? The Bug Kit contains cut outs of many popular insects that will make it fun for children to learn about them as they decorate and display their work! The kit includes ladybugs, caterpillars, dragonflies, bumble bees, butterflies, and sticker sheets of many more. Little envelopes are includes so the sticky bugs can be collected. The room will be abuzz with excitement!



If you’d really like to spruce up the classroom with a wash of brightness and festiveness whilst also being cost effective, try the Bold and Bright Sticky Notes Border. You get 35 feet for only $3.99 a package! The sticky notes themed border features a whole rainbow of sticky notes with different patterns featured on each note. Layer it with matching solid or patterned trimmer pieces to make your bulletin boards really stand out!




For a more free-form art project, the Art Start Kit contains everything one might need to get that art garden going!  With tons of sticky shapes, sticky wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, spangles, feathers, colored paper, pom poms and more, there’s no end to the colorful adventures to be had. The kit does come with an idea guide to get the creativity flowing and also comes packaged in a handy plastic storage container.



If the Art Start Kit doesn’t have quite enough materials to satisfy the imagination of the youngsters in their crafting and creating, the BIG Box of Art Materials is definitely the way to go. This kit contains an outrageous selection of CM School Supply’s most exciting collage and craft items! A few things to name is two thousand sticky shapes, three hundred feet of yarn, a thousand beads, 500 felt shapes, many different kinds of foam and paper, and so, so much more. It’s the never-ending box of crafting joy! Paper flowers, hanging trees, and wildlife with adorable googly eyes can inhabit the lands of their making.



However your classroom chooses to express its wonder and love of the Spring season, CM School Supply has everything to make smiles shine, imaginations blossom, and projects take flight.


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