12 Days of Christmas Teacher Gifts

Elementary teacher gift ideas
Second day of Christmas gift idea
Basket of Christmas gift ideas

Wrap each day up with the following tag. And present the gifts the last 12 days of school before Christmas. Here is what they'll get each day and the poem that went with it.


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1st Day of Christmas Tag

1st day

For the 1st day Christmas,
something for you to use,
I’m giving you this clipboard,
so your papers you won’t lose!
2nd Day of Christmas Tag

2nd Day

For the 2nd day of Christmas,
Your students are busy, little bees…
You can correct their papers
with these 2 red sharpies!
3rd Day of Christmas Tag

3rd Day

For the 3rd day of Christmas,
I give 3 binder clips,
I’m sure it could be tempting
to use them on my lips!
4th Day of Christmas Tag

4th day

For the 4th day of Christmas
Dry-eraser markers come in four…
As my teacher,
You really help me soar!
5th Day of Christmas Tag

5th Day

For the 5th day of Christmas,
Some popcorn for a snack,
Sorry, that‘s all the food
I could fit in my backpack!
6th Day of Christmas Tag

6th Day

For the 6th day of Christmas,
cold hands, face, and toes,
Warm up with these 6 packs
of cocoa with marshmallows.
7th Day of Christmas Tag

7th day

For the 7th day of Christmas,
I’ve brought you chewing gum,
It feels like Christmas break
is never going to come!
8th Day of Christmas Tag

8th Day

For the 8th day of Christmas,
here are 8 paperclips multiplied by 10,
Hope you’re enjoying this
’cause tomorrow I’ll do it again!
9th Day of Christmas Tag

9th Day

For the 9th day of Christmas,
9 canes of red and white…
Guess who my favorite teacher is…
if you guessed YOU, you’re right!
10th Day of Christmas Tag

10th day

For the 10th day of Christmas,
10 magnets I bring to you,
You surprise me every day
with all the fun stuff we do!
11th Day of Christmas Tag

11th Day

For the 11th day of Christmas,
Some pencils I hope you’ll need,
(school name) is so lucky to have you, indeed!
12th Day of Christmas Tag

12th Day

For the 12th day of Christmas,
12 apples you’ll find in here,
I wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!!

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